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WDE Releases a trainning test for WY-TOPP

The training test will be available throughout the year for students, educators, and parents. The purpose of the training test is to become familiar with the look and functionality of the new online assessment. Accommodations are selectable prior to starting the training test. We encourage students and educators to practice using the universal tools. Students with IEPs are encouraged to practice using his or her specific accommodation(s) in addition to the universal tools that are available to all students. 


TUTORIAL- short video demonstrating how to respond to a question type
MARK FOR REVIEW - used to create an icon reminder to review a question
NOTEPAD - used to enter notes while thinking through questions
HIGHLIGHT SELECTION - used to highlight sections from prompts or passages
STRIKETHROUGH - used on multiple-select questions to cross out answer options
ZOOM IN/OUT - used to enlarge text and images on a test page
CALCULATOR (when applicable)