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Reading At Home With Family
Families who read to and with children foster their children's literacy by increasing understanding of stories, enhancing oral language, and building vocabulary.
The Following routines may be helpful as you read with your children:
Create a Special Reading Area:
Find or create a place in your home that is a comfortable, quiet spot for reading.
Collect Books:
Gather books, newspapers, and magazines and place them on a table or bookshelf in a special reading place.
Schedule a Quiet Reading Time:
Set aside time every day for reading. Even small amounts of time reading together are worthwhile. Sharing a book for ten or fifteen minutes goes a long way to promoting a love of reading.
Talk About What You Read:
Look for opportunities to talk with your children about books and other print material and have them share what they are reading.
Reread Favorite Books:
Encourage children to find their favorite books and have them, "Read it again." Children love to hear books with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Read to them over and over again.
Read Books That Last For Days:
Children enjoy continuous stories, and they are eager for the next installment. Find a favorite chapter book and read aloud with/to your children.
Tips For Reading With Children:
*Read aloud to your child
*Have your child chime in on repeated phrases or sentences
*Read alternate pages of a book
*Read silently side by side
Reading together can be an enjoyable way to spend valuable time with your children.