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Principal's Message

How quickly December has arrived! We are about halfway through the second quarter of the school year. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for allowing us at North to work with your children.
I will again address the topic of chronic absenteeism and the affects it has on students. The following is a quote from an article released by Attendance Works. "Missing too many days of school for any reason puts children at risk academically and can translate into a child who can't read by the end of third grade, fails courses in middle school and eventually drops out in high school," said Chang, Executive Director of Attendance Works. I would like to reiterate the importance of attending school regularly starting even in Kindergarten.Students who develop a pattern of absenteeism starting even in Kindergarten, are more than likely to continue a pattern of missing in the years that follow possibly leading to academic struggles. Currently the school district is running advertisements on the local radio station asking, "How sick is too sick?" Kids do get sick and there are times they need to stay home, however, each day they miss is a day of school work they are behind. Because attendance is so important, please send your child to school everyday unless he or she has a contagious illness or is running a fever. We have set a goal that every student in our school attends regularly (has 9 or less absences a year). It is especially challenging for both teachers and students to get caught up in the math program. As you know, it is a program where specific strategies are taught that adults weren't taught when they were in school. The days they miss create holes in their learning. Parents, please know for attendance, half-days are actually counted as full days. So if you keep your child home for the half-days, they are absent for the whole day. Currently there are 51 students or 17% of the student body at North that haven't missed any days or had doctor notes so far this year. Congratulations to those student who have been able to stay healthy and attend school.
With the snow coming, a reminder students are to have coats, gloves, hats, boots and snow pants to play out in the snow. This will help students stay warm and dry when they are outside for recesses. The students who do not bring these items, will still be outside, but not playing on the snow hill or out on the playground. The district has set a temperature of 10 degrees above 0 as the temperature for students being unable to play outside because it is too cold. On the cold days when they can't go outside, in the morning the students walk the halls and during recesses they do different activities as a grade level. If the district calls a snow day or delayed start, the district and school will send a text alert to parents using current phone numbers. We would ask that current and up-to-date numbers are shared with Melanie or Deb 307-789-7658.