School History

North Evanston Elementary Thumbnail Statistics
Construction Started
May, 1982
Construction Completed July, 1983
Cost $3,294,500
Site Area 9 Acres
Building Area 52,050 Square Feet
Cost Per Square Foot $65.89
Building Spaces
22 Classrooms
2 Special Services Rooms
Media Center
Computer Lab
Administrative Suite
Music Room
Teacher Preparation Room
14 Restrooms
Amount of Fill Gravel Under Building 50,000 Cubic Yards
Grass Area 227,000 Square Feet of Sod
2,650 Feet of Chain Link
Roof 60,000 Square Feet of Insulated Steel (Has since been replaced)
Brick Approximately 140,000 Bricks
Concrete 1,250 Cubic Yards
Blacktop 117,000 Square Feet (1,600 tons)
Carpet 500 Square Yards
Tons of Steel 300 Tons
Electrical 30 miles of wire
Interior Walls Brick and Vinyl (Very few painted surfaces)
Gym Floor Urethane Floor applied with paint rollers
Structure Steel, Masonry and Concrete (Very little lumber was used)