As the new year of school begins there are a few reminders for parents. All new students must have a record of complete immunizations or a written exemption on file within 30 days of starting classes or they will have to be excluded from attending school. Any medications that are to be given at school must have the appropriate forms filled out each new school year. Also, any food allergies must be updated with a doctor's note or Food Allergy Action Plan.                                                                
UCSD#1 Has updated procedures for food allergies and health care.  More information can be obtained from the school nurse.  The main points from the health care procedure include when a child will be sent home from school including if they have any of the following:
           -A fever of 100 degrees or greater.  The student may return to school only after being fever free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications).
           -A persistent cough or coughing that significantly affects the students ability to talk, function or remain comfortable.
           -Suspected conjunctivitis. Following the diagnosis of conjunctivitis the student may return to school 24 hours after the first prescribed dose.
           -Persistent diarrhea and/or uncontrolled vomiting.  The student may return to school only after being symptom-free for 8 hours.
           -A suspicious, unexplained rash or lesion.  The student may return after a health care provider has examined and authorized the student's return to school.
           -Whenever any live pediculi or untreated nits are found.  The student may return following appropriate treatment as long as no further live pediculi are found.
     Students may return to school:
            -With a known diagnosis of strep throat 24 hours after antibiotic treatment.
            -With a diagnosed skin lesion 24 hours after treatment.

Hello! I am excited to be at this awesome school. Please contact me with any health related questions or concerns regarding your child.  789-7658 X 1706  Rachel Asay, RN