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Principal's Message

Christmas is quickly approaching and students are excited! As a reminder, we will get out of school on December 21st which is a full day and school resumes on January 7th. I would encourage you to continue to have your students read at least 20 minutes a day. When students are absent for a length of time, their reading has a tendency to slip. I would also encourage you to ask your students what they are learning in reading. Having the opportunity to be in the classes each day I am impressed with the conversation around the content at each grade level. Students are engaged in the conversations. Math is also something your students can work on. Kindergarten are counting to 20 and 1 to 1 correspondence. First is working on combinations to 10 and counting and adding to 100. Second grade are fluently adding single and teen numbers and solidifying the combinations of 10. Third grade is working on multiplication fluency without skip counting. If students become fluent with multiplication math facts, when they multiply larger numbers and division, they will struggle less. Fourth and fifth grade also need to make sure they have their multiplication facts to 10, some students are spending so much time having to count on their fingers or skip counting and they are exhausted or frustrated with the work.
I again want to reiterate the importance of attendance. Students missing more than 10 days a year are considered chronic. Statistics show that students who have chronic absences have a higher rate of drop out because the skills they miss from not being in school. School policy is that when students have 5 or more absences a letter from the school will be sent home. After 10, possibly a letter will be sent to the county attorney for educational neglect. We recognize students do get sick and we are in that season and we take this into consideration, but if the school doesn't receive a letter from the Doctor, it will be marked as parent excused. Parents also be aware that if your student comes to school after 10:00 it is marked as an absence for the morning. Have a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable Christmas Break!