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Principal's Message

     April is upon us, but it still seems like January with all the snow we have been receiving. Regardless of the snow, it is April which means it is time for state testing. WY-TOPP test is given on the computer for all grades. WY-TOPP (Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress) is the state assessment used to determine school accountability. There are four pieces to the accountability system for 3rd-5th: 1. Achievement, 2. Equity, 3. Growth, 4. English Language Proficiency (participation is also considered into the calculation). 3rd-5th test reading, writing and math, while 4th test math, reading and science.
     K-2 testing is used to determine literacy readiness. Students literacy is tracked from Kindergarten to 2nd grade to show progress to proficiency by the end of 3rd grade. If students aren't on the trajectory to be proficient, it is our responsibility to take steps through interventions and extra support to help them get there. K-2 test have approximately 12 questions per test. Teachers have signed up for 2 different testing sessions in the computer lab.
Testing Schedule:
April 16 -18th: 4th grade (science) test during their Science time with Mrs. Moore in 1 sitting. April 23rd: Lonsway, Masters, Thornton, Ehlers, Lloyd, Moon in the computer lab. April 24th: Lambert, Robinson, Ehlers, Thornton, Lloyd, Cornell in the computer lab. April 25th: Lambert, Robinson, Masters, Lonsway, Moon, Cornell in the computer lab. April 23rd & 25th: 4th grade (math, reading) April 24th: 5th grade (writing). April 30th-May 2nd: 3rd grade (reading, writing, math) April 30th-May 1st: 5th grade (writing, math)
     As you can see it will be a busy schedule for the rest of the month with different grade levels testing at different times. A few things to think about as your students are testing to help them be prepared: a good nights sleep, a good breakfast, positive reinforcements, and keep testing in perspective. This is a chance for our students to show what they have learned this year. If you know you will not be here on the days of the testing, please let your teacher know and we will plan for make up testing days.